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Julie, Immunity R&D Manager at Phileo by Lesaffre, starring in a video interview for the first time shares her experience with us.


Hello Julie, could you share with us your experience of working at the in vitro platform?


In vitro modelling is a very exciting tool to work with. We all put animal welfare first, hence the importance of in vitro modelling to reduce animal trials as much as possible. Besides gut models (Dual-Flow, SHIME or TIM), we have also developed 2D modelling which allows to better understand how Phileo’s solutions promote a healthy crosstalk between intestinal epithelial cells and immune cells. This modelling helps us to unravel hypothesis on the mode of action of our solutions. We have quite a unique range of models that represent a huge investment for the Group and required top-notch experts. Not so many companies have the asset we have in R&D, and that is rather fun.”


You just evoked the importance of reducing animal testing today as there is an increasing attention drawn to animal care in today’s society. Besides being respectful for animals I believe the IVP also allows for cutting-edge innovation, this must be a powerful competitive advantage ?


“Indeed, it is crucial that our customers are aware that we are a scientific-driven company. Our research efforts are dedicated to better understanding of how our existing solutions work best with each specie or for given issues (disease, antibiotic reduction…). Besides showing the effectiveness of existing products the IVP also allows us to advance in new directions. Coming up with new advances in health trough nutrition by better understanding microbiota and immunity is what drives us at R&S and the in vitro platform.”


So I guess your message is we have to spread the news about our IVP?


“Indeed, on one hand it is important that our customers and potential customers are aware of how we can answer their needs and thus support our commercial teams. On the other hand, from an employer brand image it is good to be visible as attracting excellent scientists is always on our radar.”


Communicating about our expertise and the tools we use at Phileo is one of our top priority. However, this comes at a certain price, as shooting a video isn’t as easy as it seems.


“It was the first time I was doing such an exercise and to be honest I found it hard. It was harder to speak in front of a camera than to a life audience. I felt it was important to communicate clearly on our work because I wanted to share my enthusiasm about the work done on microbiota and immunology here at Phileo.


However, I do believe that the video is a great tool to share our expertise and let people know what we are doing. I think a video is a bit more entertaining and bring more impact than reading an article. Although our goal was to showcase our expertise, we try to make sure that this video can reach many feed professionals and not only R&D experts.”


Thank you very much Julie for sharing your experience with us! We are very excited to see what the in vitro platform will unveil.💡

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